We unfortunately had our show room Flooded by a plumbing malfunction. There was alot of water released and therefore we will be closed for repair for approximately 2 to three months.

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Honey Hive Handcrafts

Honey Hive Handcrafts

Laura Winward Creator's statement:

I have done crafts of one type or another for as long as I can remember, and I've sold at craft shows for almost as long. I'm a research biologist by day, store owner (Create Color Art Studio in Narragansett RI) by afternoon, and mom and wife by night. I started making bath and body products back around 2000. At the time, I was making beeswax candles (hence the company name), and wanted to put together a bath basket (back then, they weren't called "spa baskets" yet). I was at a show with someone who had bath and body products. I was intrigued that she had made them, so I bought some. I was hooked on the spot. Being a research scientist by training, I spent the next months, even years, diving into everything bath and body, learning all I could. It took me 3 years to get the nerve to make my first batch of cold process soap. Actually, my research continues to this day. There are always new ingredients coming to market, new findings in the literature, and new creative ideas to try. Creating candles and bath and body products allows me to have an outlet for my creative side.

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