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Collin Garrity Woodwork

In 2010, Collin Garrity joined a team of students at Warren Wilson College who were tasked with building classical guitars for the school. He fell in love with woodworking and design and has since been obsessed with making simpler and simpler objects: beautiful versions of the objects we hold and use every day.

Opening an Etsy shop, attending maker fairs, and starting to fill orders for local stores, all helped Collin refine his vision and product line in his first years pursuing his passion. After a successful Kickstarter launched Collin’s oak and walnut folding table line in 2016, he was able to purchase a building in St. Louis, MO to house the Collin Garrity studio. This South City spot is where his brand and creative team continues to grow today, handcrafting every Collin Garrity item with care and creativity.

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