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Modern Heirloom® Jewelry


Our team of goldsmiths at Silver Bonsai Gallery bring a contemporary twist to an old work style in each Modern Heirloom®. At Silver Bonsai in Manteo, NC our cases are stocked with a beautiful array of Silver, Gold, and Platinum Jewelry crafted in the studio in our gallery, where you not only can find your Modern Heirloom®, you can meet the artists and designers and see our talented team working on your piece. What sets our Modern Heirloom® collection apart is not only its stunning craftsmanship but also its significance as a treasured keepsake for you and your future generations. Each piece is meticulously created to be an heirloom, a lasting symbol of love and connection. It carries the spirit of the past while resonating with the present, making it a cherished possession that will be passed down through the years.

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