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A & A Get Married!

A & A Get Married!

The story of our most recent wedding set crafted for A & A otherwise known as Andy and Ashley who are a true love story. The kind of fairytales and story books. How could we possibly bottle all of that magic up in a set of rings. Read on to hear more about this Unique set of Modern Heirloom ® Rings created here at Silver Bonsai Gallery in Manteo, NC

Here I am sitting on a plane … with terrible internet I should add. As my mind wandered ,I thought to myself, open up word and type out those thoughts. As I did, I found myself immediately reflecting on what was truly a magical weekend I had just witnessed. A weekend celebrating the wedding of two people. This is a moment we often are involved in as our wedding bands we create are part of that center stage moment, The exchanging of the vows. This wedding however was a little different in that it was not just any wedding. It was my brother, my little brother. The brother who is 11 years younger than me,  who I snuggled like my very first baby, who I remember distinctly "showering" me with love… oh wait... that was pee as I changed his diaper;) (sorry Andy…I couldn’t resist that one as you were the original cherub water fountain afterall). My brother that even called me mommy once or twice as I pushed him in a cart through Walmart while our actual mom was nearby shopping.  My brother Andy has shared a drive for creativity with me since his earliest days. His talents abounded creating stop motions and films at every chance he saw.  And then it was time for the greatest challenge... Creating his the most special of all Modern Heirloom ® creations…. The wedding rings.

Modern Heirloom Wedding rings by the fireRing Bearer and Modern Heirloom RingsWedding ring set Modern Heirloom Styke

A & A otherwise known as Andy and Ashley are a true love story. The kind of fairytales and story books. How could we possibly bottle all of that magic up in a set of rings. Well, we had an easy start as Ashley’s grandmother had pulled Andy aside and said, "set these for her". So we set off on a mission to honor the beautiful gems we were provided. Hummingbird was a symbol we knew must be incorporated. We did so when we created the engagement ring ad the prongs were the wings and the design centered on this beautiful magical bird. Next , the wedding bands… well let’s say that was a unique challenge. Andy sent a few thoughts…i.e. big a list of symbols with the comment use all or none it is up to you. Challenge accepted and we were determined to use all. We quickly realized this required is unique interpretation and no better person to do this but My brother himself  as he has had a way with doodles which he is quite known for. To doodling he went and the collaboration began. We proceeded to put an exact trace of his doodles on his ring. Success! 

Next up was  Ashley’s beautiful band we had 4 of Grandma’s diamonds so of course we needed one more. One to symbolize the one these two fantastic human beings and soul mates were about to become. So we decided to as per Ashley’s request too include some Sacred geometry through the Hexagon, symbolizing Harmony and balance as well as male and female energy. These two beautiful souls together as one. Andy and Ashley… we love you and are so thrilled to have been able to try to capture even a drop of your radiance and love. And now, I have not just an amazing Brother but a new beautiful sister. Congratulation to this amazing pair!




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