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Update On Gallery

Update On Gallery

On July 23rd, our upstairs toilet tank spontaneously cracked due to a manufacturing defect, releasing a large amount of water into the center of the gallery . Needless to say we are heartbroken that we have to close for a few months for repairs. We will be keeping everyone posted here so please join our mailing list.

Hello to you all and welcome to our online world. We are so sad to have our first blog post on our new website be one of such a sad and disheartening nature. We are temporarily closed but we will overcome this challenge. On Monday, I walked in to a shower raining inside the gallery. The upstairs toilet tank had cracked and was continually releasing water for quite some time. While we feel fortunate that most of the artwork was spared, our building, point of sale computer, displays, etc. were not so lucky. We have been told repairs will take 2 to 3 months . We are so sorry if we missed you at the gallery this year and will be preparing our inventory. Our 25th anniversary is approaching this November and we will look forward to being back with bells on, Christmas lights shining, and an amazing collection of art, jewelry, and gift. Thankyou for your understanding  and support while we go through this process.

Our Gallery a few days before the water....

Last week our gallery before the water


Our Gallery after the water and mitigation.....

Silver Boonsai Gallery after

 For now send us all the good vibes toward the repairs and creativity ahead. 

We appreciate you all! 

Ben , Kathryn , and the Silver Bonsai crew:)

Silver Bonsai Crewpulling out water damagerepair crew



  1. Darlene Francis Darlene Francis

    You were recommended by Karen at the jewelry store in Avon, to repair a prong on my diamond ring. Any idea when you might be open?
    Thank you,

  2. Vernon Wilson Vernon Wilson

    Tim from Simply Unique Jewelry designs in Va. told me to contact you about possibly carrying some of my unique jewelry designs in your store.
    I have won numerous international awards for my works and have a sculpture in the Vatican.
    If interested please let me know. Thanks

  3. jeanie Bush jeanie Bush

    I was told you make beautiful rings with my personal stones Hope to find out soon. Do you size rings? Thanks

  4. Leslie DeLigio Leslie DeLigio

    My thoughts and prayers Good Vibes and energy are with you. Wishing you all the best and Rapid renovation!

  5. Joanna Weir Joanna Weir

    I'm so sad this happened to you! I think of you every time I wear the beautiful ring you made for me and was looking forward to getting the pendant with the frog and moonstone. Keep me posted!

  6. Paula and Sonny Bachtell Paula and Sonny Bachtell

    Sending good vibes and positive energy! Can you add us to your email list? Thanks

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